Tippy Balady’s vocal prowess is impossible to ignore paired with her neo-soul, bedroom pop vibe. Whether it’s on piano or while strumming the uke, her clever lyrics will leave you laughing, crying and everywhere in between; no subject is off limits. The young singer-songwriter knew she had to be a musician when she saw the impact of her art firsthand. “Music has the power to instantly shift a person’s mood and can change the outlook of the listeners whole day,” she says. 

Tippy hales from Dallas, Texas where she studies at Booker T Washington School for the Performing Arts (Norah Jones, Erykah Badu and Edie Brickell).

In early 2019 she partnered with local luminaries to manifest her musical vision. Through local musician photographers, Cal Quinn & Aly Fae, she connected with producer Jason Burt (Medicine Man Revival, Texas Gentlemen) to record and produce her debut singles, “Begin Again” and two other tracks, pulling session players Nik Lee of Texas Gentlemen and Benjamin Barajas of Medicine Man Revival. 

Tippy has worked alongside artists Kristen Chenoweth, Miguel Cervantes (Hamilton) and Jacob Banks. She is a 2019 YoungArts winner in songwriting and has recently been nominated as a Presidential Scholar of the Arts alongside 60 other young artists all around the United States. Tippy now apprentices at Modern Electric Studios under the wing of Jason Burt where they have already begun working on a five song EP and a new single set to be released later this year.

- CQAF and Tippy Balady



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